Riess & Kelomat

I actually wanted to report on furniture and decorative items here, but kitchen utensils are also worth mentioning.

All Riess products are made in Austria. Go for it!

For those who prefer stainless steel: Kelomat pots are also made in Austria. Go for it!

Riess and Kelomat both deserve a “Go!”

An alternative to H&M: Zara

It is possible to produce beautiful fashion at reasonable prices without having to produce in Asia.

Dress 1

Chic and…

…still chic. Morocco is far better than India, thus, it’s a go!


Very elegant

…and made in Spain. Could’nt be better!

Dress 2


Made in Turkey, go for it!

But still, stay alert!

And always check the label!

This coat is a “no go”


Zara is an excellent alternative to H&M. Can be recommended! Go for it, but stay alert!

H&M tends to be “no go”

Dress 1


but choc!

Dress 2


but choc!


Looks nice…

but it’s not!

H&M is a clear “no go”. In addition to being fast-fashion, they (quite) don’t offer anything that is made in Europe.