Rich & Royal

I discovered this brand by chance. I had actually come to see the Armed Angels clothing, and I came across Rich&Royal. A nice find, actually. Everything I saw was made in Europe. Go for it!

Rich & Royal; you a have my green light!


I bought a Desigual dress a few years ago during a trip to Madrid. Turns out it was made in China. I haven’t been back to Desigual since. I had read an article recently saying that the brand was buying some of its collections in Europe. So I went back to check this out. And it turns out that some of the articles are indeed made in Morocco or Portugal. All in all I can say that you can shop there, but be careful, check the labels and select only items made in Europe! 

I’m not sure if this is indeed the case, but I have the impression (as at Benetton), that the polyesther articles come from China, those in cotton come from Europe or surroundings.

Desigual gets an “Orange Star”

Armed Angels

I read an article on fair fashion, and the German brand Armed Angels was cited as an example. One produces at reasonable costs, paying its suppliers well, use only organic fabrics … and they are from Europe (or close). So I checked and I can only recommend the brand. The prices are affordable. Very fashionable models but not fashion-victim, so a fashion that is worn for more than a season. The quality is impeccable. You will love and wear this clothes for years to come! Go for it!

Armed Angels, a fantastic brand! Eco-and fair fashion! Here the link to the online shop.


I regularly see families walking out of the subway with full Primark bags. I see so many of them. So I went there, and, as I suspected, everything, but really everything, is made in Asia. I can’t recommend this brand. Primark: no go!  Buy second-hand or go elsewhere!

I wonder if the people who sew these clothes can afford them?

PRIMARK: no-go!