Fashion Made in France at small prices.

I passed by chance in front of the store “Joli Rose” Rue Cadet, and surprise, the clothes were Made in France. “Vintage Love” or “Les petites fleurs” are, more exactly, made in Paris. I did not hesitate to buy a dress! I highly recommend this lovely store!

Intersport’s Outdoorshoes McKinley

Laut neuem CSR Report ist eine Säule der Nachhaltigkeit:

“Ein Baustein dafür seien beispielsweise die Eigenmarken. So erfolge die Produktion von Outdoorschuhen der Eigenmarke McKinley bereits hauptsächlich in Europa und ist mit dem ‚Made in Europa‘ Label gekennzeichnet. „Unsere Produktionsstätten in Italien und Rumänien gelten als Vorzeigebetriebe hinsichtlich transparenter Prozesse und sozialer Verantwortung. Die dortige Produktion schafft Arbeitsplätze und sorgt für kürzere Lieferwege mit vergleichsweise geringem Emissionsausstoß“, erklärt dazu der CSR-Beauftragte Georgios Chatzopoulos. “

Weitere Infos hier.

Here the translation:

One component of this (note: sustainability) is, for example, the private labels. The production of McKinley’s own brand outdoor shoes is already mainly in Europe and is marked with the ‘Made in Europe’ label. “Our production facilities in Italy and Romania are considered to be exemplary in terms of transparent processes and social responsibility. The production there creates jobs and ensures shorter delivery routes with comparatively low emissions,” explains CSR officer Georgios Chatzopoulos.

Futher details here (in german)

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Rich & Royal

I discovered this brand by chance. I had actually come to see the Armed Angels clothing, and I came across Rich&Royal. A nice find, actually. Everything I saw was made in Europe. Go for it!

Rich & Royal; you a have my green light!


I bought a Desigual dress a few years ago during a trip to Madrid. Turns out it was made in China. I haven’t been back to Desigual since. I had read an article recently saying that the brand was buying some of its collections in Europe. So I went back to check this out. And it turns out that some of the articles are indeed made in Morocco or Portugal. All in all I can say that you can shop there, but be careful, check the labels and select only items made in Europe! 

I’m not sure if this is indeed the case, but I have the impression (as at Benetton), that the polyesther articles come from China, those in cotton come from Europe or surroundings.

Desigual gets an “Orange Star”