Zara Kids

Peanuts for everybody?

Peanuts for everybody!

European nobility?

Portuguese nobility!


Makes a real Spanish princess out of every girl

Bling bling?

After all, not from Asia

European Girl?

Geographically at least

Here too, Zara offers many Made in Europe choices.

An alternative to H&M: Zara

It is possible to produce beautiful fashion at reasonable prices without having to produce in Asia.

Dress 1

Chic and…

…still chic. Morocco is far better than India, thus, it’s a go!


Very elegant

…and made in Spain. Could’nt be better!

Dress 2


Made in Turkey, go for it!

But still, stay alert!

And always check the label!

This coat is a “no go”


Zara is an excellent alternative to H&M. Can be recommended! Go for it, but stay alert!

H&M tends to be “no go”

Dress 1


but choc!

Dress 2


but choc!


Looks nice…

but it’s not!

H&M is a clear “no go”. In addition to being fast-fashion, they (quite) don’t offer anything that is made in Europe.

Mode / Mode / Fashion

FR/ Le secteur de la mode, avec celui des accessoires de décoration, est à mes yeux le pire. Le fast-fashion est limite-criminel. Pensez au Rana Plazza. Et vos chaussures de sport, elles viennent d’où? A regarder les étiquettes on en vient à se demander si en Europe nous sommes encore capables de produire des vêtements ou des chaussures!  

DE/ Der Modebereich, gemeinsam mit den Dekoartikeln, sind in meinen Augen die schlimmsten Branchen. Fast-Fashion ist vor allem fast kriminell. Denken Sie an das Rana Plazza. Und Ihre Sportschuhe, wo kommen die her? Wenn man sich die Etiketten ansieht, kommt man zum Schluss, dass man in Europa nicht mehr in der Lage ist, Gewand oder Schuhe zu produzieren! 

EN / The fashion sector, together with the decoration sector, are the worst industries in my opinion. Above all, fast fashion is almost criminal. Think of the Rana Plazza. And your sports shoes, where do they come from? If you look at the labels, you might conclude that in Europe, you are no longer able to produce garment or shoes!