I bought a Desigual dress a few years ago during a trip to Madrid. Turns out it was made in China. I haven’t been back to Desigual since. I had read an article recently saying that the brand was buying some of its collections in Europe. So I went back to check this out. And it turns out that some of the articles are indeed made in Morocco or Portugal. All in all I can say that you can shop there, but be careful, check the labels and select only items made in Europe! 

I’m not sure if this is indeed the case, but I have the impression (as at Benetton), that the polyesther articles come from China, those in cotton come from Europe or surroundings.

Desigual gets an “Orange Star”

United Colours of Benetton

I bought from Benetton last winter and was pleasantly surprised, as most of the items were made either in Italy, Croatia or Serbia. Very few in China/Bangladesh. I went back for the new spring/summer collection and was very disappointed. Except for the knitwear, the T-shirts (Made in Europe) and the jeans (made in Tunesia), everything comes from Asia. 

To be observed.

Liv’in Möbel

LIV’IN is the young furniture brand! This brand offers quality products

… for every taste

… in every style. But is all this also Made in Europe?

According to the seller, all Liv’in furniture is made in Europe.

Gutmann Factory

A modern and comfortable sofa.

Caution is required. Gutmann Factory is not a manufacturer, contrary to what the name promises, but a middleman. The goods come from different countries: Germany, Poland, India, etc.

Always ask the seller where the furniture was made.

W5 from Lidl, a test

This cleaning sponge

is European

The eco-dish detergent

Made in Germany

The window cleaner

Made in the Netherland

But still, for many products the country of origin is not indicated.