I finally got a chance to go to Ikea. I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that the furniture is mostly made in Europe. Apart from a few chairs, what I saw was Made in Romania, Made in Poland, Made in Italy, Made in Lithuania, and even Made in Germany!

The crockery, the pots and pans are made in Italy, Spain. The dishes, pots and pans are made in Italy, Spain, etc.

On the other hand, decorative items, stuffed animals, sheets, etc., you have to be careful because they come from Asia!

Here an overview of “good” products:

Here the “bad” products:

Basically, you can equip from Ikea, but be careful with chairs and decorative items, linens and carpets. For these things, look elsewhere!

Furnitures, dishes: go for Ikea!

Grüne Erde

The benchmark brand par excellence!

The furniture is made in Austria from A to Z, and is environmentally responsible too! The design is modern, the furniture comfortable. 

Clear verdict! Go for it!

Högl shoes and bags

Very comfortable, quality shoes at a reasonable price. But are they made in Austria in this Bauhaus-style factory? According to the seller, the shoes and bags are made in Austria or Hungary. I meanwhile have the confirmation from the press office.

Gerne möchte ich Ihre Frage bezüglich der Herstellungsorte beantworten.

In Taufkirchen an der Pram in Oberösterreich sind die Bereiche Design und Prototypenproduktion angesiedelt.

Unser Hauptproduktionswerk haben wir in Martfü/Ungarn wo unsere Schuhmacher die breite Kollektion anfertigen. In Varazdin/Kroatien – auch ein Zweigwerk – werden weitere Einzelteile produziert.

“I would like to answer your question regarding the production sites.

In Taufkirchen an der Pram in Upper Austria the design and prototype production departments are located.
We have our main production plant in Martfü/Hungary where our shoemakers produce the wide collection. In Varazdin/Croatia – also a branch plant – further individual parts are produced.”

Go go go for Högl!


Many of my friends are fans of this French brand. I went around the shop, the products are all made in France. 

Anti-ageing cream, hand cream, men’s care, perfumes, baby products, you will find everything.

It’s a clear go!