Armed Angels

I read an article on fair fashion, and the German brand Armed Angels was cited as an example. One produces at reasonable costs, paying its suppliers well, use only organic fabrics … and they are from Europe (or close). So I checked and I can only recommend the brand. The prices are affordable. Very fashionable models but not fashion-victim, so a fashion that is worn for more than a season. The quality is impeccable. You will love and wear this clothes for years to come! Go for it!

Armed Angels, a fantastic brand! Eco-and fair fashion! Here the link to the online shop.


I regularly see families walking out of the subway with full Primark bags. I see so many of them. So I went there, and, as I suspected, everything, but really everything, is made in Asia. I can’t recommend this brand. Primark: no go!  Buy second-hand or go elsewhere!

I wonder if the people who sew these clothes can afford them?

PRIMARK: no-go!


Here’s another brand that attracts a lot of young (and not-so-young) people. To make a long story short: everything comes from China except the food products. So unless you’re buying chocolate eggs or Dutch specialties, make a big detour!

Non food products from Hema are no-gos!

But you can buy the food. At least.

To be avoided.

United Colours of Benetton

I bought from Benetton last winter and was pleasantly surprised, as most of the items were made either in Italy, Croatia or Serbia. Very few in China/Bangladesh. I went back for the new spring/summer collection and was very disappointed. Except for the knitwear, the T-shirts (Made in Europe) and the jeans (made in Tunesia), everything comes from Asia. 

To be observed.

Högl shoes and bags

Very comfortable, quality shoes at a reasonable price. But are they made in Austria in this Bauhaus-style factory? According to the seller, the shoes and bags are made in Austria or Hungary. I meanwhile have the confirmation from the press office.

Gerne möchte ich Ihre Frage bezüglich der Herstellungsorte beantworten.

In Taufkirchen an der Pram in Oberösterreich sind die Bereiche Design und Prototypenproduktion angesiedelt.

Unser Hauptproduktionswerk haben wir in Martfü/Ungarn wo unsere Schuhmacher die breite Kollektion anfertigen. In Varazdin/Kroatien – auch ein Zweigwerk – werden weitere Einzelteile produziert.

“I would like to answer your question regarding the production sites.

In Taufkirchen an der Pram in Upper Austria the design and prototype production departments are located.
We have our main production plant in Martfü/Hungary where our shoemakers produce the wide collection. In Varazdin/Croatia – also a branch plant – further individual parts are produced.”

Go go go for Högl!